I need help devising a plan for discontinuing weekly therapy. A couple weeks ago I proposed not going in for regular appointments and only visiting as needed, but she shot me down, saying we still have work to do towards meeting my goals (of not feeling shitty about being single, of not feeling shitty about myself compared to others in general, etc.). I was like, “…OK…” and kept going in every week, spending money I don’t really have, despite having no real desire to do so. Every single Monday I start getting anxious about Tuesday morning: what can I bring up to discuss this week?, there’s not really anything going on, it’s more of an obligation than anything, etc. But then I go because I feel weird telling her I’m not coming.




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This little gray tabby baby jumped into my lap last night while I was on my stoop. I’m in Sunset Park on 40th Street. He’s perfectly behaved, not fixed, super snuggly, super sweet.

I’m going to call around to local rescues to try and place him but I’m not optimistic for his chances of finding a spot.

I’m really not in a position to keep him beyond today.

I’ll happily transport him anywhere in NYC within reason, and if you can pick him up I’ll throw in a spare Boda dome litter box.

Hit up my ask box you are interested/know a rescue with room.




One could argue these are mistakes, but based on the consistent displays of data supporting one viewpoint, I think these are likely the result of someone with real statistical training who is using data in a very specific way to make a point. Obviously, Fox News isn’t the only organization that does this sort of thing, but it is interesting to see how much effort they put into statistical graphics.

That was fast!

Email reply from dad:

They told me your phone would not be affected right away. I’m sorry. They must have disconnected your current phone already. I got you a new phone from here but you can pick it up at Verizon store at [address]. It’s a Samsung III Mini (but not really small). You can pick it up whenever you want/are able. Your monthly bill will go up by about $20. I got the same phone for me and Mom also.


Do any of you have this phone?

Good dad / bad dad

My mom and dad are going to see Fleetwood Mac with me in Philly in October, woooo! I became obsessed with Fleetwood Mac after watching The Dance in 9th grade.

Dad called me today to say that my mom is due for a phone upgrade and he can get a second one free; would I want it? Yes, because I still have a flip phone and was planning on doing something about that before the end of the month.

So tonight I tried to make a phone call and I got a message saying that my call cannot be completed; I am being transferred to an operator who can help me pay to make a call or call collect. I tried calling my dad after this and got the same message. Whaaa? I have no idea what is going on or whether he tried this phone upgrade thing today and that has something to do with it? Jesus take the phone. This is what I get for staying on our family plan into my 30’s.